The CrankzWare RainPOW! is the most advanced, flexible, compatible and potent RGB-LED-Controller Kit especially for Casemodders ever!

The CrankzWare RainPOW comes with well engineered advantages for your masterpiece, that makes things easier!

  • 3,5" HDD form-factor for perfect integration. Just mount it into your HDD bays
  • Easy power connection via potent Molex 4 Pin for maximum amperage to even power up the longest RGB-Stripes
  • Fast and reliable Mini USB-B standard connector for fast and easy communication through the CrankzWare RainPOW! Software
  • Connection cable to the mainboard USB-Header included

Be the master of your build and use every ressource on the market for your unique PC. Many different connectors allow you to work with everything a true casemodding enthusiast needs!

  • Integrated fan-controller for up to 6 fans
  • 2 Slots each for both, analog and digital RGB LEDs
  • 2 Slots each for both, 12 and 5 Volts operating LEDs
  • 3 Trigger-Channels to easly integrate physical switches, (e.g aftermarket LED-Fan controllers) to your RainPOW! Software (Soldering required)

No matter which RGB-LED-Stripes you're up to use, all the power and compatiblity is yours now! Shine like the holy light itself by being able to use the following RGB-Stripe-Chips, controlled comfortably via the RainPOW Software:

  • APA102 and DOTSTAR
  • WS2811, WS2812B, WS2801 and NEOPIXEL
  • TM1809, TM1812, TM1803, TM1804, TM1829
  • UCS1903, UCS2903
  • LPD8806, LPD1886
  • P9813, SM16716
  • TLS3001, TLC5940, TLC5947

No need to bow down to your hardware anymore, or to knobs and switches you have to flick! Control all aspects of the CrankzWare RainPOW! directly and comfortable from your desktop app. Using the 3 dedicated trigger channels, you can press physical buttons with your software, not your fingers! (Soldering required)

  • Control digital effects and colors
  • Control analog effects and colors
  • Control 3rd party hardware through Software
  • Control your 6 fans in 10% sections

Heart of the CrankzWare RainPOW! is the famous, thousand times used and extremely reliable ATmega328 AVR RISC 8 Bit-Chip. With his 16 Mhz clock, it will lighten up your fantasy and easily build and cast magic light patterns, you have never seen before.

Recently researched, developed and powerful HEXFET-MOSFETs will precisely control your analog LEDs with a supersonic switching speed of only 2ns. Even the longest RGB-LED-Stripes are not worth a worry anymore with a performance output of 48 Watts / each color! Get everything out of your expensive bought Hardware.

High performance gold-cap capacitors will smooth every voltage of your connected hardware. Designed for silk smooth fan-speed control without even hearing any noise, you will experience new levels of precise fan speed controlling.

Surely, every part inside the CrankzWare RainPOW! is hand selected and individual tested before shipping. Base of the RainPOW! is a professional layouted industrial grade custom PCB, designed to comply all genuine circuit design rules. You focus on lighting, the RainPOW focuses on technical details.