Official CrankzWare Downloads:

Disclaimer: Note, that you use all downloads provided at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damage caused by my downloads.

All downloads are directly *Blend files.. Just append Materials and Nodes to your projects to use them. Crediting would be very nice! If you have any problems, contact: infos [at] and i will help you out. Thank you.

Crankzware MindTex 1/2 to Blender Cycles

This Shader-Node optimizes your workflow between the output of MindTex 1 & 2 and the input of Blender Cycles.

CrankzWare grass Material for Blender Cycles

This Material helps you to texture your grass realisticly and good-looking in Blender Cycles. A demo scene is also included.

CrankzWare transparent Material for Blender Cycles

The Material does not render transparent Alpha-Channels provided by .PNG images used as image texture. It's mostly used for rendering leaves etc.

Type: Shader

CrankzWare - MindTex 1_2 to Blender Cycl
exe File 499.2 KB

Type: Material

CrankzWare - Grass Material.blend
exe File 2.5 MB

Type: Material

CrankzWare - Transparent Material.blend
exe File 488.2 KB

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